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Youth for Youth (Y4Y) - Project Impact

Updated: Apr 23

Empowering high school students to learn about English-speaking heritage and their region of Québec.

Y4Y Québec's Project Impact

Best watched in 4K and turn up your sound. Please enjoy.

EARLIER this year, I had the great privilege to have been asked by Y4Y to speak to the students of St. Michael's High School in Low Qc. about the history of the English-speaking community of this region. West Quebec and St. Michael's appear towards the end.

From the Y4Y website:

Funded by Canadian Heritage and in partnership with LEARN, Project Impact empowered high school students to learn about English-speaking heritage and to familiarise themselves with their region of Québec.

With the help of Community Learning Centres, six participating high schools visited local cultural attractions and participated in community activities to win prizes and have their Heritage Passports stamped. Each region designed and showcased a Travel Poster created by youth participants, with input from citizens and community organisations, in an effort to promote travel and tourism in their communities.

Project activities and heritage assignments united school communities with local community organizations, and increased students’ understanding of English-speaking communities from various regions of Québec.

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